The Companies Act 71 of 2008 requires of a public company and a state-owned company to appoint a company secretary with statutory duties as set out in section 88 of the said Act. Although not a statutory requirement for other organisations, any effective and efficient board requires the services of an experienced service provider to facilitate the functioning of the board by managing all aspects of meetings of the board and its committees. FluidRock has the necessary skilled resources to provide this service.


FluidRock is the preferred company for transcription of minutes via either attending meetings or working from digital recordings. Minutes are discoverable in court, hence it is critical that discussions are accurately recorded. In line with international best practice our specialist transcribers deliver concise sets of minutes that record disclosures, discussions, decisions, resolutions and actions.

Our professional minute-takers transcribe minutes for any type of meeting including:

Business minutes

Governing body

  • Audit and risk
  • Remuneration
  • Nomination
  • Social and ethics
  • Investment
  • Procurement
  • Transformation
  • Litigation
  • IT steering

Operational committees including:

  • Executive management
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Disciplinary hearings

Shareholders, member and stakeholder meetings

  • Annual general meetings
  • Special and extraordinary general meetings
  • Remuneration policy discussion meetings

Business rescue meetings:

  • Affected persons
  • Employee representatives, trade unions and employee committees
  • Creditors and creditor committees

Body corporate trustees and members meetings

Verbatim transcriptions of any nature

Conference reports - rapporteuring


The FluidRock Co Sec team is well-versed in the management of board and committee meeting cycles including the following:

  • Compiling the board and board committee work plans.
  • Manage relevant meeting calendars.
  • Draft agendas for board, board committees and annual general meetings.
  • Preparation of meeting packs.
  • Delivery of meeting packs to attendees.
  • Meeting attendance.
  • Drafting minutes of board, board comitttees and annual general meetings.
  • Assistance and guidance to the board to ensure compliance with relevant statutory and governance requirements.
  • An informal monthly consultation between the CEO of the company and the appointed.


FluidRock is available to accept appointment as Company Secretary in terms of Section 86 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.

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