Level 1 CIPC – A Practical Course

Gauteng – 13 November 2019

Contact us on trainme@fluidrockgovernance.com

Cost: R 3 250,00 (excluding VAT)


This is interactive practical course on navigating the CIPC website and submission of documentation to CIPC together with advice and precedents supplied on supporting documentation to be lodged when submitting documents to CIPC.
This course will equip you to confidently file documents with CIPC, have same registered timeously and advice on the idiosyncrasies associated with CIPC submissions.

Note that delegates must please bring their laptops.
Comprehensive manuals are provided as well as precedents of CIPC forms and minutes/resolutions.


• Valuable information and discussions had.
• Guidance on how to liaise with CIPC in regard to problems encountered.
• Very insightful.
• Better understanding of manual vs electronic submissions.
• CIPC screen shots very useful.
• Enjoyed interaction and working on-line together with facilitator.
• Good examples given.
• Facilitator well experienced and knowledgeable


¾ day – 9:00 – 14:30

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