Level 1 King IV™ Training – A Practical Course

Gauteng – 5 November 2019

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Cost R3 850 (excluding VAT)


The aim of the King IV™ Code on Corporate Governance workshop is to enable delegates to understand the principles and recommended practices of the King IV™ Code and to use this to generate an application register.
The nature of the course allows for interactive participation, discussions and practical and theoretical exercises. Delegates will be given an opportunity to work through a King IV™ Code assessment and generate an application register. They will receive insights and feedback from the facilitator and will be encouraged to participate and share their experiences.

Who should attend?

If you are a governance professional, compliance practitioner or a member of a governing body or committee wanting a useful understanding of the King IV™ Code then this training is for you.


The course covers the philosophy of the King IV™ Code, a brief comparison to King III, an analysis of the King IV™ Code principles and recommended practices and practical application sessions.

Outcomes/Learning objectives

● Understand the economic and leadership elements underpinning King IV™
● Understand contribution as a service and its link to outcomes
● Understand the importance of a King IV™ assessment
● Understand the responsibilities of the governing body relating to the King IV™ Code
● Understand what skills are required to conduct a King IV™ assessment
● Learn the terms and terminology used in King IV™ Code
● Learn how to interpret the principles and recommended practices
● Learn how to conduct a King IV™ Code assessment
● Understand what to record against a recommended practice
● Learn how to deal with dissenting views
● Learn how to create an application register
● Understand the importance and usefulness of an application register
● Learn to identify gaps in processes and procedures
● Learn how to apply the recommended practices to achieve the intent of the principles
● Learn about best practice applications

Note that delegates must please bring their laptops for the practical portions of the


• Greater understanding of the principles and the application and implementation
• Facilitator well-versed and explanations easily understood.
• Better understanding as to how to practically apply in our organisation.


One Full day: 09h00 – 16h00

* Kindly note that The King IV™ Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016, Copyright and trademarks are owned by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa and the IoDSA website link is: http://www.iodsa.co.za/?page=AboutKingIV


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