Level 1 – The Governance of IT

Gauteng – 13 November 2019

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Cost R3 850,00 (excluding VAT)


This course briefly introduces the relevance of IT Governance within an organisation, the relationship of IT Governance to the overall enterprise governance including choosing a Governance framework and how to ensure a smooth implementation of the framework.
The nature of the workshop is such that it allows for participative interaction, discussions and sharing of practical examples from participants’ experiences. Delegates will have the opportunity to understand the importance of making IT Governance an integral part of overall enterprise governance.

Who should attend?

If you are an IT Manager, CIO or Business Manager, Executive Director who is concerned whether the internal IT Department/or Outsourced IT service provider is really doing what they need to do, then this training is for you.


The training session is mostly a discussion approach and sharing practical examples and experiences.

Outcomes/Learning objectives:

● What IT Governance is all about
○ Definition of IT Governance
○ The role of IT Governance
○ Whose responsibility is IT Governance
● What the relationship between IT governance and Enterprise Governance is:
○ What is a Business Strategy?
○ What is an IT Strategy?
○ Where is the relationship?
○ Effectively using IT to ensure that it aligns with business strategy
● Why do organizations implement IT governance infrastructures?
○ The different structures of IT Governance
○ IT Strategy Committee
○ IT Steering Committee
○ The RACI Model (Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted and Informed)
● Which organizations should be concerned about IT governance?
○ Is it about the size
○ Is it because of business complexities
○ Is it a matter of choice
● How do you implement IT Governance
○ Choosing an IT Governance Framework
○ Ensuring a smooth implementation of the Framework
● Learnings from others’ experience


One Full day: 09h00 – 16h00

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