Level 1 – The Governance Of Shareholder Meetings

Gauteng – 6 November 2019

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This course reflects on the governance of shareholders’ meetings including the Companies Act 71 of 2008 requirements. The course is an introduction to shareholders meetings from beginning to end, with a focus on annual general meetings.
The purpose of shareholders’ meetings is to provide the shareholders of a company with an opportunity to debate and vote on matters affecting that company. The Act gives shareholders certain substantive powers which include, among others, the power to amend the MOI of the company, the power to elect and remove directors, and the power to approve the disposal of all or the greater part of the company’s assets and other fundamental transactions.
A Shareholder Meeting is the principal forum in which directors account to shareholders for their stewardship of the company
The nature of the workshop is such that it allows for participative interaction, discussions and practical and theoretical exercises. They will receive feedback from the facilitator and will be encouraged to share their experiences.

Who should attend?

If you are a shareholder or if you are responsible for preparing, attending and minuting shareholders meetings, then this course is for you.


The training session will be divided between:-

Part A – Introduction
Part B – Before the Shareholders’ Meeting
Part C – During the Shareholders’ Meeting
Part C – After the Shareholders’ Meeting


1. Introduction
2. Why Do We Hold Shareholders’ Meetings
3. AGM Overview
4. Role-players During Shareholders Meetings


5. Who Must Hold a Shareholders Meeting
6. Who May Call a Shareholders Meeting
7. Location of Shareholders’ Meeting
8. When Must a Shareholders Meeting be Called
9. Different Types of Shareholder Meetings
10. Items to be Tabled at a Shareholders Meeting
11. Calling a Shareholders’ Meeting
12. Record Date for Shareholders’ Meeting
13. Preparing for Shareholders’ Meeting


14. Quorum at Shareholders’ Meeting
15. Proxy at Shareholders Meeting
16. Participation at Shareholders Meeting
17. Voting at Shareholders Meeting
18. Resolutions at Shareholders Meeting
19. Adjournment/Postponement of Shareholders Meeting
20. Cancellation of Shareholders Meeting


21. Minutes of Shareholders Meeting
22. Access to Shareholders Meeting Minutes
23. How Long Must the Minutes be Kept
24. How Long to the Next Shareholder Meeting

Course content gives attendees insight into the role players; the procedures to be followed when calling meetings including, but not limited to the agenda; proxy; notice; quorum; record dates; participation at shareholders meeting; shareholders’ rights; shareholder activism; voting; adjournment/postponement/cancellation of AGM and King IV™ recommendations.

Duration One Full day 09h00 – 16h00

* The King IV ™ Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016, Copyright
and trademarks are owned by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa and the
IoDSA website link is: http://www.iodsa.co.za/?page=AboutKingIV


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