Level 2 – The Governance Of Meetings And The Taking Of Minutes

Gauteng – 14 and 15 November 2019

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(Please note: It is a pre-requisite to attend the Level 1 The Governance of meetings
and the taking of minutes, prior to attending the Level 2 course. It is also
recommended that delegates allow for a 2 – 3 month gap before attending the Level 2
course to allow for the enhancing of their skills gained on the Level 1 course.)

Cost: R4 850 (excluding VAT)


The Level 2 Advanced minute‐taking course briefly reflects on the governance of meetings including the Companies Act 71 of 2008 requirements, with an in‐depth view of how to draft for example, Audit Committee, Investment Committee, AGM and business rescue meeting minutes, how to deal with long presentations in meetings by for example the CEO or the CFO and how to draft minutes where the meeting attendees did not stick to the agenda.

The nature of the workshop is such that it allows for participative interaction, discussions and practical and theoretical exercises. Delegates will have the opportunity to improve on their report writing skills. They will receive feedback from the facilitator and will be encouraged to share their experiences.

Who should attend?

If you are responsible for the taking of committee/board/associations or executive level
minutes then this training is for you.


The training session will be divided between the theory of meetings and minutes as set out below with an emphasis on practical training sessions.

Outcomes/Learning objectives:

● The governance principles of meetings including the Companies Act 71 of 2008
○ Corporate calendars, annual planners, notices and agendas
○ Quorum requirements
○ Role of Chair
○ Role of the Company Secretary
○ Disclosure of interests
○ Voting rights
● In‐depth view of how to draft minutes for the following types of meetings:
○ Audit Committee;
○ Investment Committee;
○ AGM; and
○ Business rescue meeting minutes.
● How to deal effectively with long presentations in meetings
● How to draft minutes where the meeting attendees did not stick to the agenda.
Management of the meeting process
○ Preparation prior to meetings
○ Proceedings at meetings
○ Post meeting activity
● Resolutions at board and shareholder level
○ In meeting
○ Round robin
○ Numbering
● The minute taker
○ Understanding the role of the minute taker
○ Skills required by minute taker
● The minutes
○ The importance of accuracy of minutes
○ Business and financial terminology
○ Capturing financial reporting sessions concisely
○ Formatting of minutes for consistency purposes
○ Presentation of the final product: professional minutes
○ Matters arising from meetings
● Relevant case law
● Practical examples

Note that delegates must please bring their laptops for the practical portions of the training


• Very informative, course material very impressive
• Excellent facilitator, keen to attend further courses offered.
• Broadened my knowledge, very interactive.
• Good ideas shared.
• Quality manuals.


Two Full days: 09h00 – 16h00 each day


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