What makes a good minute taker?

At FluidRock we draft approximately 600 sets of minutes each year. Our clients include public listed, public unlisted, large and small private and non-profit companies, trusts, associations, medical funds, tribes and homeowner’s associations.

Through the years we have found that the drafting minutes is not everyone’s cup of tea and that it takes a professional person with a specific skill-set that includes:

  • An understanding of business and business terms
  • Being able to research and interpret industry specific jargon
  • Financial acumen
  • The ability to succinctly summarise discussions
  • Knowing what to leave out of minutes
  • Clearly setting out decisions, resolutions and actions
  • Drafting the matters arising schedule enabling management to action items
  • Excellent language skills
  • A love for the job, even though many regard it as a grudge task.

We are fortunate to have a team of people that have the above skills and that enables us to churn out professional minutes. However, it is critical that the executives in a business provide their input into the minutes as they are at the coalface of it all and they have a deeper understanding than anyone else of the critical matters.

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