5 Tips to escape the Inbox trap

5 Tips to escape the Inbox trap

Do you sometimes feel like a slave to your inbox? Or that no matter how efficient you try to be that your inbox is like a continual never ending flow?

Even through futurists predict that we won’t have emails in future the reality is that email is still one of the main methods of communication, hence answering mails are “real work”. Managing emails can be the make or break factor in your productivity and success. Below a few tips to manage your inbox:

  1. Emails are like boomerangs – they tend to come back – the more you respond the more they come back!
  2. Break the CC culture
  3. Don’t subscribe to anything
  4. Answer all the questions in one mail – if possible group things together sensibly and ensure that the email subject line relates, which will make it much easier to find again in future should you need to refer back to it
  5. Use Inbox for Google or something similar – Snooze it for when you are able to attend to it meaningfully, instead of just responding for the sake of response time


By: Ronelle Kleyn
Director, Chartered Secretary, Attorney, Urban Farmer and Mom

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