The FluidRock Story

FluidRock is the leading independent governance firm. We are powered by some of the most well-known and experienced professionals in the industry.

FluidRock provides a holistic suite of services in a flexible and client-centric manner to ensure the relevant needs of every organisation and its board (governing body), executives and stakeholders are met. Each division is headed up by an industry expert with many years’ experience supported by a team of passionate and energetic individuals.

Our dream is a society fuelled by ethical and well-governed corporate citizens. Our mission is to be independent expert enablers of organisations to be ethical and well-governed corporate citizens

Open and Honest


Trust and


The team adopted the name “FluidRock” as it comprised the two elements the founders believed to be critical in the successful approach to business in the governance environment, the “Fluid” element and the “Rock” element.


The “Fluid” element symbolises a way of operating in an enabling manner in a regulated environment whilst being business-minded and pragmatic.


The world of governance is synonymous with the “Rock” element being the solid foundation of legislation and regulations. Yet, the “Rock” element also depicts the type of relationships that FluidRock nurtures with its clients - long lasting relationships that will stand the test of time, trials and tribulations and changing environments.