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The Route to Directorship.

Many professionals have expressed an interest in becoming directors on boards. Most people genuinely want to plough back knowledge, apply their experience and provide valuable input at the top leadership level in the country whilst continuing to be mentally challenged and remunerated. There are the odd few that think by joining a few boards it would be a wonderful way to earn a passive income or to provide a sales pipeline for their businesses.

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The Robo-Director

Automation causes anxiety. Artificial intelligence (AI) causes even more discomfort. If you haven’t heard, we are officially in the fourth industrial revolution and artificial intelligence is already applied all around us. AI will continually become more prevalent in our daily and business lives – apparently to our benefit.

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It’s NOT your PA’s fault..but yours

In many organisations the taking of minutes at meetings is the responsibility of the personal assistant. It makes sense as these people understand the organisation. This works well for executive meetings, but unless your PA has had training or exposure on a board level the minutes that they draft might not be correct in terms of the Companies Act requirements.

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